Although this is a personal site containing a little about me, my personal pictures till the year 2006 (I will upload more later), and my personal blog. The purpose of this website is also for a good cause as it also contains my views and thoughts to bridge the gap between industry and academia. As per my own experiences, I have witnessed situations that the knowledge that is taught in academic institutes does not meet the requirements of the industry.

Industrial employers always expect advance and up-to-date knowledge from the students / fresh graduates. However, it has been noted that the curriculum adopted at the time of students enrolment is partially up to date, but, by the time when students graduate, it becomes outdated. A proof of it is that after every few years authors of books publish new editions of their books.

That is why I have decided to stand out of crowd and took an initiative to raise awareness about this matter and tell the world that this should end.

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