Autobiography of Edward Snowden – Permanent Record

Last week, I read the autobiography of Edward Snowden – Permanent Record. I would like to mention here that I have already watched Edward Snowden’s movie on Netflix a few years back. I also would like to mention here that there is a difference between watching the movie and reading the book. I have some mixed feelings about Edward Snowden i.e. first thing he has broken the US law (but at the end of day day, he is human and human can do mistakes) and on the other hand he had revealed some practices of intelligence gathering which is unethical in nature but are good for the safety of US Cyber Space. I must say that I am not against any country’s practice of intelligence gathering as long as it is for the safety of that country.

I was born and raised in Pakistan. I lived six years in United Kingdom. I have read, watched, witnessed and seen that Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (Cyber Wing) and UK-GCHQ also adopted these techniques. I believe intelligence agencies are doing the right thing to watch the cyber space and making it safe for domestic and international interest of a country and world, respectively. Although, practices or methods may be unethical but one needs to understand how internet works. One needs to learn the history of internet.

Since the birth of internet, no rules were defined of it usages. The internet users and public needs to learn about the boundaries of ethical usage of the internet. They should not take law in their hands. But, the question remains who is going to tell them what is right and what is wrong?

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