Python Learning through EdX

Last night, I took an initiative to learn the Python programming language through EdX. I was searching for Python-related apps on iPad and I have come across the EdX application. I downloaded the app and I signed up to get enrolled in the certification program. The course was offered by Harvard University – Division of Continuing Education. I watched the video of a Harvard University lecturer (Brian Yu), which was an hour and seven-minutes video.

I have already learned C++ & Java but I think (till now) Python is much easier and simple to learn. From now onward, if I will find any new feature worth mentioning to the viewer of this blog, I will share it.

Till then, take care. Keep visiting this category page.

One comment on “Python Learning through EdX

  1. I have also done Python course through EdX. I support your opinion Python is much easier then C++ and Java. At first i learned Python basics in my school at grade 6 they taught me the basics through IDLE. I recommend you all to learn Python and thank you Mr Naveed for sharing your opinion about it.

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