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Python Learning through EdX

Last night, I took an initiative to learn the Python programming language through EdX. I was searching for Python-related apps on iPad and I have come across the EdX application. I downloaded the app and I signed up to get enrolled in the certification program. The course was offered by Harvard University – Division of […]

The honor of the year 2020

I joined the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in February 2020 as Lab Assistant. There were already seven Lab Assistants working in the IT and Networks department of the university. Based on the annual performance, I was declared as the Lab Assistant of the year 2020 of the IT and Network Department of […]

How to be successful in the life of this world?

Today is 28th Feb 2021 and I am 38 years old and I believe, I have lived half of my life (medically speaking). I have learned few things in my life and I would like to share with the viewer of my site, i.e., how to be successful in the life of this world? Living […]

6 W’s to understand the aims and motives of Software and Software Engineering

Dr. Roger S. Pressman and Dr. Bruce R. Maxim mentioned in the ‘Quick Look‘ in the first chapter of their new book, the six W’s, which helps to understand the aims and motives behind Software and Software Engineering. These six W’s are mentioned below, What is computer software? Who does it (who makes it)? Why […]

Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach – 9th Edition

Today, I started reading a new book by Roger S. Pressman & Bruce R. Maxim. I studied an earlier version of this book as a textbook during my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering (back in year 2000-2004). During the in between years, things have changed a lot and my motivation is to update my knowledge […]

Book of Rafay Baloch – “Ethical Hacking And Pentesting Book”

The instructor (Sir Bariq Wajahat) of the CEH v10 course at NIE has told me about Rafay Baloch, a young information security expert and evangelist. He has written a book with the title, “Ethical Hacking And Pentesting Book”. He has also attended Bahria University like me. I have downloaded his book and I am going […]

Elements of Information Security

As per Ethicalhackx‘s lecture notes and slides, the following are the elements of information security. Confidentiality Integrity Availability Authenticity Non-Repudiation I am not going in details of them. However, I want to briefly define them as mentioned in page 6 of lecture notes and slides. Confidentiality means “Authorized to have access“. Integrity means “Trustworthiness of […]