Security of Naval Base

This writing is in response to and continuation of Prof. Ross Anderson’s book’s first chapter topic – i.e. Example of Military
Base [1].
The security of the Naval base is also as important as the security of other military bases. However, one needs to investigate it from the perspective of a Naval war strategist. Imagine a war starts with your enemy, and the high military command gives you instructions to target an enemy site with your nuclear warheads (say through Trident). Your Submarine has the capability to fire nuclear missiles but not unlimited nuclear missiles. But, from an enemy point of view, the scenario is different. The enemy knows that submarines are difficult to locate, especially in the open sea/ocean. However, the enemy knows that to get the next cache of nuclear missiles (because at a specific time, the nuclear submarine can take only 8-16 missiles depending upon the size of the nuclear missile and the size of the submarine…), the nuclear submarine will go back to the base (say Trident is based at HMNB Clyde on the west coast of Scotland [2]). So, the enemies will first strike the naval base so that the nuclear submarine would not get the next cache of nuclear missiles.

To counter that issue as a military strategist, the navy must arrange other means of supplying arms to the submarine, probably through some ships…

But, there is another issue in the ship supplying nuclear weapons to the submarine, because, the enemy watches them through their satellite cameras or other means. These ships are always on the list of targets of enemies…

Camouflage technology may not help in the case of gigantic ships…

Another approach is to make the number of naval bases in different places. Still, this approach is too costly as in the presence of enemy missiles, this would be destroyed first as mentioned in the above scenario…

There are two things that come into my mind randomly i.e.

1. Supply/passing / transferring nuclear warheads to submarines at deep sea level, possibly through some other undersea vehicles or through a secret place in the sea not known to enemies.

2. The second approach is to build a Naval Base / Cache of Nuclear Missiles deep in the sea/ocean whose location is top secret (not known to the enemies). Since this deep sea naval base may be in the depth of the ocean, enemy missile technology may not destroy it. Even if the enemy knows the location of the deep sea naval base and makes new sophisticated weapons that can reach the depth of an ocean and which have the capability to destroy the naval base. However, this problem can be countered through sea anti-missile technology (which I don’t know exists or not?).

Shall I continue writing on this topic??? I have lots of opinions and ideas…

[1]. Security Engineering by Prof. Ross Anderson.

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