Security of Naval Base

This writing is in response to and continuation of Prof. Ross Anderson’s book’s first chapter topic – i.e. Example of MilitaryBase [1].The security of the Naval base is also as important as the security of other military bases. However, one needs to investigate it from the perspective of a Naval war strategist. Imagine a war […]

PHD Proposal – Privacy Enhancing Technologies to Support Anonymous Communication

In year 2011, after coming from the United Kingdom I submitted a PHD Proposal to the Security Group of Cambridge University (to Dr. Steven J. Murdoch) which was rejected by him (Reason: not known. But probably my PHD research proposal was not well written in the eyes of Dr. Steven J. Murdoch). Dr. Murdoch [7] […]

How to bridge the gap between industry and academia in Pakistan

First of all, let me justify why I am writing on this topic. The answer is that, as per my own experiences and apart from foundation knowledge that is taught in academic institutes in Pakistan, it does not meet the up-to-date requirements of the industry. The question is why I am saying it? The educational […]

Autobiography of Edward Snowden – Permanent Record

Last week, I read the autobiography of Edward Snowden – Permanent Record. I would like to mention here that I have already watched Edward Snowden’s movie on Netflix a few years back. I also would like to mention here that there is a difference between watching the movie and reading the book. I have some […]

How to distribute time in a day?

A few days ago, I was reading a post on Linkedin which was about the distribution of a day. To be honest, I really liked it and I would like to share with the viewer of my site. Pratik Thakker shared Ridhi Bansal’s words about distribution of a day. “Distribute your day into 8+8+8 hrs […]

New year and a new job

This year brings new opportunity in my life as I got a new job at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences as a Lab instructor. This job is in the FAST School of Computing which is one of the renowned school in computer science in Pakistan. I am going to instruct following subjects […]

The honor of the year 2020

I joined the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in February 2020 as Lab Assistant. There were already seven Lab Assistants working in the IT and Networks department of the university. Based on the annual performance, I was declared as the Lab Assistant of the year 2020 of the IT and Network Department of […]

How to be successful in the life of this world?

Today is 28th Feb 2021 and I am 38 years old and I believe, I have lived half of my life (medically speaking). I have learned few things in my life and I would like to share with the viewer of my site, i.e., how to be successful in the life of this world? Living […]