How to bridge the gap between industry and academia in Pakistan

First of all, let me justify why I am writing on this topic. The answer is that, as per my own experiences and apart from foundation knowledge that is taught in academic institutes in Pakistan, it does not meet the up-to-date requirements of the industry. The question is why I am saying it?

The educational institutes offering Sciences, Engineering and Business education should now offer a five years degree program. The question is why? Industrial employers always expect advance and up-to-date knowledge from the students / fresh graduates. However, it has been noted that the curriculum adopted at the time of students enrollment is partially up to date, but, by the time when students graduate, it becomes outdated. A proof of it is that after every few years authors of books publish new editions of their books.

That is why I have decided to stand out of crowd and took an initiative to raise awareness about this matter and tell the world that this should end.

A few years ago, the duration of LLB degrees in Pakistan was three years and now top LLB degree awarding institute like LUMS & Quaid-e-Azam University are offering BA & LLB dual degree programs with a duration of five years [1][2].

The medical science degree awarding institutes like Rawalpindi Medical University is also offering M.B.B.S (undergraduate degree) with a duration of five years from a long time [3].

Following the trends of other degree programs offered in various degree awarding institutes in Pakistan, the undergraduate degree programs (Engineering, Business Studies, Sciences) should now be five years. The first three years should be spend on academia and then the students should spend the fourth year in industry i.e. gain the practical experience in industry. This will help the student to gain up to date knowledge/latest trends of industry. The degree awarding institute should not charge any fee in that year. In other words, its like a gap year (like in United Kingdom and some other countries).

On completion of the fourth year/Gap year/Industrial experience year, a student should return back to the academic institute and start working on his/her Final year Project with any remaining courses.

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