How to distribute time in a day?

A few days ago, I was reading a post on Linkedin which was about the distribution of a day. To be honest, I really liked it and I would like to share with the viewer of my site.

Pratik Thakker shared Ridhi Bansal’s words about distribution of a day.

“Distribute your day into 8+8+8 hrs to make a good balance sheet of your life. 8 hrs of honest work, 8 hrs of good sleep, and 8 hrs should be spent on (3Fs, 3Hs and 3Ss). 3Fs are family, friends, and faith. 3Hs are health, hygiene, and hobby and 3Ss are soul, service, and smile”.

One comment on “How to distribute time in a day?

  1. Such an amazing distribution! I really appreciate you for sharing this information. I support this distribution and the thing i liked the most was that you gave 8 hours for 3Fs,3Hs and 3Ss.

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